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Quote of the Week - Peter Lynch

Updated: May 13

“There seems to be an unwritten rule on Wall Street. If you don't understand it, then put your life savings into it.” -Peter Lynch

By saying this, Peter Lynch was mocking many investors who tend to invest in assets that are filled with jargon and complexity. In investment, common advice is to invest in only that which one understands.

Yet, there are many stocks that investors would flock to simply because very few understood it and that, they associated with being high-tech and sophisticated.

Often, in some very hot stocks, this would lead to more and more investors piling their money into such a stock which would result in the stock climbing astronomically.

Unfortunately, for most of these investors, such stocks would reach a tipping point and crash when others least expect it.

Here is some famous book by Peter lynch.

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One Up on Wall Street

In easy-to-follow terminology, Lynch offers directions for sorting out the long shots from the no shots by spending just a few minutes with a company's financial statements. His advice for producing "tenbaggers" can turn a stock portfolio into a star performer!

Beating the Street

The terrific new guide to investing in stocks that goes beyond Peter Lynch's previous runaway bestseller, One Up on Wall Street.

Learn to Earn

Mutual fund superstar Peter Lynch and author John Rothchild explain the basic principles of the stock market and business in an investing guide that will enlighten and entertain anyone who is high school

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