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How to overcome from Masturbation Habits

Many of us who are reading this article may be addicted to masturbation. Masturbation addiction is so bad that you masturbate regularly or more then one's in a day, even though you don't want to do but somewhere in mind, you think about it. Before we start explaining do's and don'ts of masturbation, read the following paragraph carefully. It will help you to come out of Masturbation addiction.

How I overcome Masturbation

If you are addicted to masturbation, then start asking the following question and be honest with yourself.

  • 1) Why I Masturbate Regularly?

  • 2) Is it Good for me?

  • 3) Do I have a lot of time in my Hand, and I am wasting it?

Have you gone through the above question? Have you answer yourself honestly. If Yes, excellent, and if No, no problem, I will help you to find out the answer. Just try to understand.

You are habitual to it is the main reason behind regular masturbation. Now the big question is how to overcome it?

There is something in your subconscious mind which triggers you to masturbate regularly. You need to figure out what's in your subconscious mind. It may be anything, but you need to figure out what's in your subconscious mind. Ones you have done, your more then half work is done. It's really important to figure out.

After figuring out, start observing at which time you masturbate morning, afternoon, evening, or night. The reason behind observing time is that you're free at that time. Ones you observe the time, start doing something else in which you are interested either than masturbation.

Nofap moment is easy for initially days but as you go on it became difficult. Engage yourself in various activities so that you don't have time for Masturbation

Check out Does Excessive Masturbation Harms.

“You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life'.

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